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From: Kenneth Rodman
Subject: Cockbird Watcher II Needless to say, this story is entirely fictional. Anyone not
authorized to read this material young teen ass porn
should leave immediately.
This time Jack didn't bother to ring the bell, he just went straight to
the patio. Shelly, just wearing shorts, was standing in the shade talking
to a cute young girl, perhaps twenty, about 5'6", nice shape, light brown
hair, piercing blue eyes with matching bright blue topaz earrings, pale
yellow sleeveless yellow sundress and altogether pretty. Jack was
surprised, he imagined Shelly's protege would young teen ass porn
be male, but he felt his
penis stirring and she was a dish! "Tamara, I'd like to introduce you to Jack.", said the man. "Jack, this
is Tamara Grant." They chatted a bit about Shelly's recent gig, then
Shelly: "It's hot out here. I move we shed some threads and get
comfortable." The girl turned her back to Jack. "Jack, teen titans lesbian porn
would you please unzip me?" His hands were shaking a bit but he
found the zipper and she shrugged the dress to her ankles. "Now the bra,
please." He had no experience with bra fasteners and he funbled a bit, but
got it unfastened and she let the bra drop on top of her dress. "Tammy, why don't you go find Timothy. He's in the kitchen fixing some
lemonade." With a blown kiss over her shoulder she stepped out of her
clothes, shed her shoes and went inside. A couple of minutes later a
barenaked young man with an uncut cock pointing up at a 45 degree
angle,wagging as he walked, came out onto the patio. Jack thought, 'gee,
he's a spitting image of his sister', but as he came closer, Jack noticed
the apparently identical earring in the right earlobe, and the lipstick
still there. creampie teen porn
Jack's mouth fell open.... Sheldon said, "Jack, I'd like you to meet Tammy's brother Timmy."
Shelly laughed, noticing Jack's obvious confusion, straight teen sex and teen 8 porn said, "Tim likes to
dress like a girl now and then, and you must admit he makes a pretty good
looking chick." They all had a good laugh, talked music for awile, had some lemonade, but
then Shelly pointed out: "Hey, here we stand with three very hard cocks and
I think it's time we but them to use!" He noticed that Tim was eyeing
Jack's tool with some intensity. "Well, what do you think, Timmy, is he the
one to pop your poop cherry?" "Gee, it's every bit as cute as you described, but the head is so
big...." "Not to worry," said Shelly, "Once it's in, you'll love it. And I'll be
behind you pointing it in the right direction. If you straddle him, you can
lift up any time you are uncomfortable, and I'll bet big photo teen sex
bucks you'll want
to pop it in and out lots once you start. I know I did, and I'm not into
pain." So Jack laid on his back, agian teen porn Shelly rolled on a condom and lubed up
Jack's rigid dick. Then he gently put one, then two greasy fingers into
Tim's waiting rosebud, got things relaxed and wet, and directed Jack's
eager cock to it's target. Tim very slowly tiny teen titties porn lowered himself on the skewer,
and Jack slid in without any more than a little "eek" from Tim. "Oh, that's so nice! It feels so good, I'm sorry I waited so long!",
said Tim and he dropped to engulf Jack's entire 6 1/2 inches of eager
boyhood. "Let me stay here for a sec," he said, "I want to remember this."
As predicted, he then lifted up so that only the pointy tip of Jack's tool
was still in his starfish, and popped it in again. And again, And again. Jack felt his climax rounding the clubhouse turn and he tried to think
of something, anything except cumming. "Oh Shit!" Jack yelled, "Sorry but
I'm gonna cum!" KZZZzzzzaP The first of six thick wads of boycum surged
down his penis. "OH, OH Ohhhh, O, O, o, o, o teen circus porn damn! That was awesome!" Timmy, smiling broadly, waited for Jack's tool to stop throbbing, then
leaned down and gave him a long, wet kiss. "Jack, I think I'm in love!", he
said. "But I'm so hot, I want you to suck me dry. I feel like I have a
quart of jizz backed up and the dam is about to burst." Shelly: "Hey I'm as hot as you guys and if you don't believe me look at
my cock." The member in question was steadily dripping clear precum. "Ive
got a better idea. Jack reloads fast and if we kill an hour we can all cum
to the party. I brought home some Bach and I"d like to play a trio on the
pianos." The boys grumbled a bit but trooped into Shelly's capacious
livingroom with its two nestled Steinway grands. They played for about half
an hour, then Shelly stopped and Tim and Jack carried on. Then with a
signal from Shelly, Tim stopped and Jack was on solo. He played for maybe
fifteen minutes before Shel held up his hand to quit. "Well, Tim, what do
you think?" "I think he's one helluva talent! skinny pale teen porn The phrasing and timing are terrific
and he gets just a touch of syncopation that old JSB wouldn't have minded a
bit! And he's sight reading and never saw the music before." "Jack," said Shelly, "you are truly blessed with talent. If you are
willing to put in six hours a day on the piano, I can have you on the
concert stage before you get out of high school.. I want to talk to your
parents to see what we could work out. And I"ll cut down my teaching fee
because I want you to play on my dick too! But we won't share that with
your parents." With the two chaises pushed together, they could form an erotic
circle. Tim wanted to suck Jack to pay him back from a lovely defloration,
Jack sucked Shel and Shelly serviced Timmy. The climaxes were loud and long
as was the applause, often standing that greeted the STJ Trio on their
first of many international tours. Tim repeated a few times that he felt
sort of guilty: they were getting paid big bucks to do exactly what they
loved and would do for free, and the daily sex was a big boner bonus.
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